I have always wanted to be a professional artist – I love to paint, I grew up painting and drawing. When a child, I used to take a pen and to draw some sketches on a paper almost every single day. And it has always been an extreme passion and love of mine.

So this summer I finished the first year of studying at Artists’ Union Ukraine in my city and here’s my work, called “Crimea” (Crimea is so close to my heart, my uncle lives there, my family and I used to visit him every summer in my childhood  and in spite of this year territorial dispute crisis, I really hope its beauty stays forever), it’s not finished yet and I’m going to continue studying this autumn, but I’m so happy I’m taking the steps to learn how to paint professionally.

I want to have a life, connecting with art. So it’s a dream come true for me and  Artists’ Union supports that dream.

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