Hey there!  Hope you’re well rested, sippin’ on some coffee and maybe even getting a little sunshine in your life.

What can be better than that? Knowing, that your designer is on the same page with you and knows what kind of logo you want for yourself, right?

This post will be based from the client’s perspective. Join me today as I talk about getting what you want from the designer. 

Truth be told, every time I sit down to write I have you, my reader, on my mind. I truly feel your fear and pain when it comes to seeing the result you didn’t want to see.

So I’m sharing 1 tip in order for you not to waste your time & explain your designer 100 times what it is, that you really expect to get from him.

My tip is to THINK THROUGH!

How do you get the design you want? The design brief is the answer.

So provide as much detail as possible. Your goal is to picture your perfect logo design in your head! Why should it be MEMORABLE? Because of what? If we take a look at 50 logos of your competitors and your logo among the others, why should people remember the logo of Your Company, you know? WHAT should make your logo different? Think about that. And once you get it – send the Brief to the designer.

Whether you are a designer or a client, an effective design brief is the single most critical factor in ensuring that a project is successful.

Having a Design Brief saves you both a lot of time and money. Watch the video to get to know the details on this topic! 

Tell me – how do you get the design you want, that you envision in your head?

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