Today I wanna finally answer this one question that I get asked every time people find out that I’m a freelance logo designer.

– How much does a logo cost?

– I need a logo! Can you create me a logo for 10 dollars? I don’t need that much! Just a cute little picture!

Everyone in general should know the actual meaning and the importance of a logo.

So here are 3 tips for you to get a good logo for a good price.

TIP number 1. Understand what YOU NEED! The actual meaning of a logo!

It’s the most obvious tip ever and I’m sure you guys already know, that a a logo is YOU, actually! A logo for your company is your style, it shows what you’re doing in your life. It’s your emblem, your signature. It’s the first impression people get of your company.

A good logo literally changes your life))

So try to think about it this way.

Let’s say you need to buy a phone for yourself – how much your phone should cost? You can buy an iphone or you can buy a simple phone. Both are working, but it’s the first impression people get of you. Maybe you don’t need to buy an iphone – maybe you just need a simple phone for other reason. But you really need to understand What you need.

Or for example, you buy yourself a pair of shoes.

How much should it cost? You know what I mean?

It’s all about the amount of work put into this product.

So if you ask me again “ how much does a logo cost” – I will respond “depends on what kind of a logo you need” – and you will know what I mean! ?


Now after you know what you want – it’s time to go shopping!)) Buy yourself a logo) It’s time to find someone, who’ll create a good logo design for you. It’s basically the same, when you go shopping. Where should you go?

3 the most common options for you:

1. Logo Contest: You have the opportunity to say : I need a logo. Someone design one for me and I will pick the one I like. That’s like a huge topic. Lots of risks. Designers have no guarantee of payment, Clients can get unoriginal ideas – unexperienced designers and all of that stuff. You can also get basically not exactly what you mean by a GOOD Professional logo design. You will notice the difference if you compare such logos to proffesional logo designs. But it’s the cheapest option for you to get a logo.

2. Freelance designer – You design this for me, and I will pay you if I like it. I don’t recommend to say this if you’re dealing with freelance designers, because they MIGHT send you for therapy. ? Freelance designers usually value their time. They have their own design process, that involves research, sketching the ideas, presenting. And they do not charge like 10 dollars. For example my design process consists of design brief, research, sketching, drawing in Illustrator, colouring, fonts, creating presentations of 3 or 4 logo options in Photoshop. Do you believe doing all that costs 10 dollars? Not to mention, emails, supporting the client after design’s done. Computer, internet connection. Freelance designers usually know, what makes a good logo. It has to be Functional, Professional, Timeless. They know how to solve the problem. Freelance designer finds the story and tells it! And in this case, the price depends on the designer himself – on how much his hour costs and how much time will he spend designing your logo. He tells you the price per hour or a fixed price. For example, there are some freelancers who charge from 100$ to 1000$ and there are world famous designers who can charge 1000 000$!

3. Design Agency. It may be the most expensive option for you! But let me explain you the difference. For example, there’s a great Lebedev Design Agency in Russia, that creates the same logos like for example some average freelancer does. But this design agency creates 20 concepts for only one option. It can take 1 or 2 months to design a really good logo design. And there are usually guaranteed high – quality options from a whole team of creative designers. Verses this one freelancer, who maybe presents very good options and who is maybe very talented as well, but puts not that much time into designing a logo.

And we all know, when it comes to Purpose of Logo Design – it’s all about the concept and the TIME. A good logo always reflets the TIME and thought put into designing it. Amount of Work.

TIP number 3. MAKE the DIFFERENCE!

The last tip for all of you who know what you want, know the difference between good and bad logo design.

It is time to make the difference. Now I’m sure you want to make the difference with your business or whatever you’re doing and you need your logo for. I don’t know if there’s much more important thing in your life than having an impact on others. It feels your soul. I know I’m going deep here, but isn’t it everything that you want? Making a change. Being different. Solving the problem. So is the logo designer. So is the design agency. They also want to create THE logo design, that will BE different, that will SOLVE the problem, that will change people’s lifes!

When you get logo options from the designer – try to visualize the people who will use products with this logo in 5 years? How will they look? Would they want to contact with logo every day? Like, we see today so many people using their iphones every day or people wearing nike shoes every day and they are proud of it. And of course, I totally agree the main reason is behind the quality of products. But there’s huge power in logos as well, don’t you think? Good logos can change peoples lives. ? So, when you get the options from designer – keep that in mind. Feel – is this the logo that will change people’s lifes? Only you can feel it.

Your logo should reflect your brand and also – Your logo should reflect your user’s everyday needs! And here’s why it just can’t be cheap.

This is all. I hope you enjoyed my post. And let me know what you think!

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